Please note when ordering, there is a 10 day wait for 45 Gallon BBQ’s! Thank you for your patience!
Please note when ordering, there is a 10 day wait for 45 Gallon BBQ’s! Thank you for your patience!
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Our Story

Six years ago Nathan and Dean began a business selling 45 gallon drums. We sold drums across the UK to trade and made it possible for consumers to receive a drum in the post saving them money.

Each Friday we always made time to light a BBQ in the yard to feed our team as it would bring us together and there is nothing tastier than a BBQ burger. Over time BBQing became more of a hobby and passion and many a great idea was created and discussed around our BBQ. Our passion to create the best BBQ meant over time we tweaked and adjusted our own BBQ to fit our style of awesome cooking, we made it colourful to brighten up our setting and upright to be able to socialise around it. We wanted it to be the centre point of each BBQing occasion.

During lockdown we spent so much time around the BBQ that we realised 'eating outside' was becoming the new 'going out'. We set about manufacturing our passion and hobby into a product that enables our customers whether newbie or pro to host the perfect BBQ with everything you need in one box, delivered to your doorstep.


What makes us completely different to other BBQ brands?

Every part of our BBQ is hand made by a small business in the UK. Even the charcoal we supply is made by hand from a sustainable source in North Wales!

We care. We wouldn't sell something that we would not be completely satisfied with ourselves. Our product is quality and not built to last just for one season.

We are passionate about BBQ. We share hints, tips, recipes, ideas and feedback with our BBQ community because we want to share as much as we are keen to learn.

We are hands on. Whether it's jumping in the van to make a next day delivery or cooking for a local community food bank, we like to get stuck in and take pride in our product and believe in paying it back.

We are always looking to improve. Our feedback is great but we are still willing to improve. That's why we take the time to catch up with our customers and check how they are getting on.